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"Amazing Grace" is a movie about the abolitionist movement in 18th century England. It is a wonderful movie, with inspiration for peacebuilders in the 21st century. See my full review at:

If you've seen the movie, what stands out for you?

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What stands out most to me is the importance of persistence and partnership. It didn't happen over night, yet those who opposed the idea initially ultimately become advocates themselves, or at least respectful competitors. And through the journey, there were times when Wilbur experienced great despair and it even affected his physical health. But he wasn't alone, and allowed himself to lean on and be inspired by others who shared his conviction. He didn't have to be the guy with all the ideas. And he didn't limit it to those who he already knew and who had been sharing the path with him. He let himself meet new people, too, and also--and perhaps this is the most important part--let himself still have joy in his personal life. That joy then helped fuel and inspire the difficult work he had to do.

Gosh, there's a ton more now that I think of it, but that seems a good start!


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