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Our group has brought resolutions of support for the Department of Peace to both area governing bodies (synods) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Eastern ND and NW Minnesota). The Mineapolis synod has also done this. We are now contacting our respective Bishops of our synods for one on one discussion of the DOP. We hope to eventually get the church at large to fight for this legislation. We are also working with anti-violence groups locally to help them with nonviolence efforts. We are also working cross-religious lines with UCC and Catholic organizations in our community. Are others doing this? Can you share ideas that work for you, ideas on bringing faith into the peace efforts?

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The Unitarian-Universalist Association endorsed the Dept. of Peace Campaign in 2006! So glad to have you working on it too. Right now I am working with my own church, Peoples Church UU, in Ludington, MI to endorse the DOP resolution. I'm hopeful that I can energize them then to reach out to other area churches and organizations and multiply the effort.

So-- I do would be grateful if readers should contact me with helpful ideas and resources.

Josh Swenson
Yes UU church here in Fargo is great also.
As are the Presentation Sisters who have endorsed.
Thanks for the reply and good wishes.


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