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2010 will be the true test for the American people!!!! People will be asking questions? and wondering about their life's future and loved ones.  How will we survive these test of times.  10 days into the new year, and haiti had a major earthquake.  Now people are wondering will this happen to the United States as well?  Million of American people are unemployed, or their home are in foreclouser.  Hundred of job seekers are being forced to use the internet for employment.  But they get no response back!!!!  That can become fustrating and disappointing to the average man, for year people all across the globe have been trying to destroy the mankind race. (WHY) without a man their will not be any children.  Or mother's, no aunts to talk to no brothers to share your achievements with.  Yes The Crossroads of life are upon us all, and its up to us to get back on the right track!!!  Our newest president just spoke about the new high-speed railroad, he said other countries have it!!!(WHY) can't we also? How can you vote for a republican, that don't want to help their own country or state?  In 2008 I was a commercial truck driver, and on a trip back from california.  My truck kept breaking down, until finally it broke down in New Harmony, Utah.  and the serviceman said God wanted me to stop, and that is when I develop this social group named The Crow's Nest Breakfast Club.  This person could read my life, like a book.  Please am asking everyone to get  involved, and get connected by to God.  Do it for the people of Haiti, and most of all for yourself.  Learn how to personalize your future in life, its apart of God 's business plan for us all!!!!!visit our web site today at

and if you have a church or organization that need help raising funds, request a copy of our 2010 catalog.  We carry hundreds of products for all occassions. and feel free to post your links and comments on our guestbook and to become a member, just order your club polo shirt today!!! and be apart of something in 2010

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