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What Did You Do For the International Day of Peace?

September 21 was the International Day of Peace this year. Some people celebrated on the 20th, some on the 19th. Whatever day you celebrated, please share your story with the rest of the DoPeace community. If you have photos or videos, please share those, as well!

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I went to the daily peace vigil in front of the courthouse in Corvallis, OR as I do every Monday I'm available for what we call "Faith Night" as a representative from my Peace and Justice group from church--and was surprised by a policeman passing by who actually raised two fingers in a signal of peace as his partner drove by! We are used to being ignored by those passing by in official vehicles, so this was something for us to celebrate. We've had a DAILY vigil in front of our courthouse for nearly 8 years now.
I volunteered to facilitate healing music making with and for children with disabilities. Later I attended a Law of Attraction meeting. It was a peaceful, productive, happy day.
I spent the day assisting 60 people awaken to the possibility of an enlightened planetary civilization while teaching the
On the 19th of September we joined a conference in the Netherlands for exchanging higher values and moral acting for a peacefull world. Delegates from Holland, Surinam, Switzerland, joined to discuss and live peace and celebrate it in the expression of music and singing.

Its possible to do when we all work together.

Peace is the language that speaks out of everybody, we have just to listen!

On the 22th at the U.N. Headquater in Geneva we joined a seminar about desarmement of the society.
conclusion: peace is possible so we also have to look forward to create the steps after the world is free from weapons and violence.

So we know what to do in a peacefull world.

thanks to all for your contributions.
We attended a wonderful event honoring Int'l Day of Peace at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. Music, workshops, sharing, recognitions. A great way to contemplate how each and every one of us can help bring peace to our world.
Thanks for asking this question and thanks to everyone for answering and for doing so much! We're just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. I spoke at my Spiritual Center on Sunday and brought up issues of peace, encouraged people to embrace the Olympics of Spirituality (politics), and encouraged everyone to join the World Peace Party in Carroll County, Maryland, where my honey and I then went for a lovely day in an amazing place (others on this discussion have shared they were there, too). On Monday, I joined in a global 1-minute-prayer for peace at noon and reminded folks it was the IDP via my Facebook update.
Sept. 20, 2009 _New Hampshire DoP, along with our recycled 8' Dove named Grace, tabled at the annual Exeter Peace Day festival enlivening the thought of a Cabinet level office and activating support of the Youth PROMISE Act. State DoP Coordinator, Prof. Barbara Thorngren, sat on an informative panel in the Speaker's Tent with others taking action toward Peace, and shared the promise of the newly established Peace and Justice concentration at the Nashua Community College. A festival highlight was the inspiring and informative Key Note speaker; the Student Peace Alliance's ever-motivating Julia Simon-Mishel. The day was supported by healthy,whole foods and products, farmers, alternative energy enterprises, service groups doing Peace work, yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations, kids activities and the always wild and raucous Leftest Marching Band!

September 21, 2009 New Hampshire. The Nashua Community College hosted its first Annual International Day of Peace celebration by unveiling its newly planted Peace Pole. Faculty and students gathered for the event and heard the history of the Peace Pole and the significant web it weaves connecting us around the globe at their various locations. To ground the pole at NCC, guest speaker Rick Pouliot of the Abenaki Nation spoke about peace from the Abenaki perspective. He spoke in terms of the "common pot" and the awaiting of the unification of all people there. Also the significance of the White Pine, a sacred place beneath which we all may "bury the hatchet." President Lucille Jordan led the ribbon cutting followed by the reading of the eight languages by NCC students from the World Language Program; May Peace Prevail on Earth! The event was hosted by Professor Barbara Thorngren of the DoP campaign and Peace and Justice Program, Master of Ceremony was Peace and Justice Concentration student and SPA member; Mary Clouter. We were appreciative that our District 2 Representative Paul Hodes's office was represented at the ceremony.

President Lucille Jordan issue the welcome,

NH_On a personal note, I joined in the Peace Prayer Society's live streaming event; speaking the name of each country on this, our earth, stating "may there be Peace in (each country is named)", and followed by "May Peace Prevail on Earth". It took one half an hour to travel around our globe, alphabetically. what I was struck with was the lack of drawn boarders on the earth which was presented. It was a subtlety which seemed profound. I was able to tune in to the people of the region, under their flag, but without the hard and fixed (and oft fought over) man-made boarders.
I also tuned in to the live streaming events from Costa Rica at the Global Alliance Summit to witness some of the work ongoing there.
Watched also the documentary, "The Day After Peace" about the effort it took to establish the UN resolution for the International Day of Peace, and then the effort to have them uphold it and set it into action. It reminds me to be patient while ever diligent in my peace work.
We went to The Hague ( and watched the children's march and a Dutch Moroccan pop star who led the kids through chants of peace (beautiful!) - they also participated in a water gun battle. We saw a relative of Martin Luther King Jr. speak and also took a walk to the Peace Palace. We saw an art exhibit about First Impressions. My friend and I also discussed meanings of peace in our own lives and communities. And we ended the evening in Amsterdam and the Night of Peace by Pax Christi at Club Odeon and took part of the Network cafe - a great idea of going from table to table talking of your passion and/or initiatives with war journalists, politicians, or entrepreneurs. Everyone spoke freely of their own peace initiatives and ideas from community building initiatives in the Netherlands or Africa, to ideas on solutions for the Middle East. We are all peacebuilders now.
hi i made a video called the nightingale of peace will sing which will come out on youtube end of oct its about peace and i am the nightingale of peace
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