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What do you do when a congressional candidate lobbies himself?


Democratic Congressional Candidate for CA-41, Pat Meagher, has a whole page discussing the Department of Peace.

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Such a dilemma, we should all have!
Support them! We've had a number of candidates come out as strong supporters of the Department of Peace. The Green Party of Minnesota has a plank in their platform supporting the Department of Peace. Congressman Keith Ellison spoke for us during his campaign and has remained a strong supporter. Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer wore a "we need a department of peace" button at the state wide endorsing convention when he made his speech speaking for the endorsement. One of the odd things is when a candidate is attacked for supporting the Department of Peace. That is a strange feeling. Good question. Good dialog. Thanks for starting it.
This is so exciting to see! And hooray for Nonviolent PeaceForce for being linked as the Dept of Peace "prototype."

I can see this is a bit challenging because The Peace Alliance and the Dept of Peace Campaign are nonpartisan (transpartisan, really) and don't endorse candidates. But at the same time, I see the value in what Mary Jan is saying. I could see a great opportunity for partnering and certainly being honest about where the various candidates stand on the issues of peace, violence prevention and a Department of Peace specifically. I guess the trick is to use our own version of the "fairness doctrine" and work to give equal time and attention to both candidates.

I guess the thing to most remember is that we want to have a good working relationship with whomever is elected. And if they see us as the people who tried to beat them, they might not be so into working with us.

Of course, as individuals, we can work for whichever campaign we support!


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