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Speaker interested in speaking & performing at Peace conference

To whom it may concern:


Greetings, Brothers & Sisters,


May your day be filled with the abundance of Love & Peace!


My name is Rudy Barker. I would like to perform at the Peace Conference. I'm a "Living History Performer" who portrays Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. I've portrayed Dr. King for over 25 years. I'm a master impressionist and I orate, not read some of Dr. King's most poignant speeches. To view some of my work, Google my name, Rudy Barker. I'm very reasonable, for I really believe that peace should not have a price on it. Our children must be taught peace and nonviolence. We have trained, you have un-trained. Dr. King left us principles that work.  I fully realize that your program may be fulfilled,and if it is, please  consider my program "THE DREAM LIVES" . for future conferences.     My email address is     website  The website is not finished yet but it shows me speaking at the annual Stop The Violence program here in Detroit, MI. 


"We must learn to live as brothers and sisters, or periish together as fools."  MLK


Thank you for your precious time.


Rudy Barker

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