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It looks like what's happening in the Mid-East will lead to peace, but I don't understand why Ghandi's method isn't being used more.


Any thoughts?



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I think people have forgotten. People have no idea of anthing that really don't exist. Everything must be tangible. You know to the touch, to see, to smell . . . once upon a time poeple could make things happen just by thinking about it in a way everyone can see it, touch it, hear it, but now we anaylsis and gather data and put up charts of the outcome if it goes one way and then make charts and graphs just in case it goes another. Dr. King said I may not get there with you but he had a dream of "the beloved community" that Gandhi set the example for. I am yet to see that go beyond the picketts fences and fresh cut lawn of our local communities, to tell the truth you hardly see those communities flourish with not even the basics of the beloved community. When we can stop and give a ride to a complete stranger and not wrry about our kindness being used as a weakiness, that is the day when all heaven will breaking loose instead it being the other way around.


    I agree. It's incredible that people could have forgotten Ghandi, but they seem to have. Although, it's also possible that there's a difference between a conflict between two nationalities, Indian and British, and between two sides of the same nationality, for instance Libyan and Libyan.


    With regard to our local communities, I was trying to figure out a way that I could find more people who live near me who care about peace, and other causes like animal rights and welfare, and the environment. I've met a few people on Freecycle who care about animals, and everyone on Freecycle is trying to keep things out of the landfill, but there isn't any way, on Freecycle, that people can meet other people who are interested in the same social causes, other than in animal rights and welfare (people post when they're looking for homes for animals that need them - but other causes don't have that lead-in).


          Thanks very much for your post,

              and let me know further what you think,


In my opinion when people don't see eye to eye on things they might as well be of different nationalities. Anything that can make people see you in a different light or on the other side of the fence make a barrier to what is really there a brother or friend or just simply a human being.


I do care about welfare being a recipent. I am more concerned about how it is used by those who receive it. The enviroment, well I am a little fustrated that my local government doesn't take more intitiative in that matter but I must confess am not where I should be in enviromental issues. As far as peace goes I am reading but as far as action all I do is try to teach what I have learned. I wish I could do more, I am the mother of two little one and wife to a really big kid husband. Not a good excuse but I always day dream if I  was not married with childrien I would travel the world, trying to make a difference in peace education. All we really need is the opportunity to learn a better way. I believe will choose better when we know better. My e-mail is if you want to talk about it more. But what is local for you? I live in Virginia.


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