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We need to start with a Single Day of Peace to show it can be done.

In Hawaii New Years Day is annual day of peace .. no war.    What a novel idea.  The world can observe New Years Day 2012 first ever day of World Peace.  WE must make peace tangible something real not rhetoric.  A

day of peace begins with a single heartbeat.. a sole survivor of Hiroshima will strike a single beat on the giant drum of peace and the vibration will spread around the world.  10,000 drummers then pick up the beat at first ever peace festival in peace park by peace clock across from ground Zero in Hiroshima.  This is where the beat of new world will begin midnight 2012. Each country has a drum.. it is first instrument.. the first sound we hear is heartbeat.. people respond to the drumbeat.. marching to war or marching for peace.  It would not be about governments.. people want peace and people shall have a Day of Peace.. as the end of the old world ends and a new world will emerge 2012 is dawn of new age of enlightenment and peace.


Aloha will heal the world.. it is the destiny of Aloha to bring together the tribes at war and share the enlightenment of unconditional love.



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