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Kendra Mon

10th Anniversary Celebration of the Dept. of Peace

     Join us for a conversation about where we've been and where we're going as we mark and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Department of Peace legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress on July 11, 2001.  We'd love to hear your thoughts as we celebrate a decade of activism, the people met along the way, the things learned and accomplished, the life changes that resulted.  What you share can help us chronicle where we've been and decide where we're going. These questions are listed only as a conversation starters:

*Do you remember what your first response was when you heard about a Department of Peace? 

*What inspired you about the idea and the legislation? 

*Do your remember a speaker or event that was especially meaningful to you?

*How has your vision of what peace looks like changed?

*Is there a peacebuilder you would like to honor?

*What can you share about your personal development and accomplishments as a peacebuilder?

*What do you see as our most important accomplishments as an organization?

*What do you see as the next step for The Peace Alliance in creating a culture of peace?


Kendra Mon, CA 6th Congressional District Team Leader & Dept. of Peace committee member

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Hi all.  I was trying to create a brand new category but see now that the best possible placement is in the Department of Peace discussion.  Please join me there,  Kendra Mon CA 6th CDTL


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