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As a strong American myself, I've come to realize that "Patriotism" does not mean believing that our agressive foreign policy (war) can possibly "serve our nation", or that those young men and women are actually "dying for us".  We've gone against at least five Founding Fathers warnings of misplaced power with an overgrown military industrial complex, destroying our county.  As horrific as 9/11 was, we need to take step back and ask WHY it happened, not continue down angry path of 16th century mentality of "avenging our people".  Whether it was an actual "attack by extremist Islamic groups" or at least partially plotted within to fuel war profits does not matter in principle...If former, the extreme "Patirotic" types reverse thought would be, gee, what "brave soliders" those Islam people were for defending their country after having those Americans profit from missiles shipped to hostile nations that attacked their soil", if latter, the American people need the truth...which not too far a stretch seeing how war has historically been plotted within then people bought "Liberty bonds" to invest further in perpetual war machine taking our country down.  All empires destroy themselves in end (ex. Roman)

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