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Matthew, In February 2008 the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations were called upon to support a strategic initiative to lift another nation out of a vicious cycle of poverty.  This was a 'Marshall Plan' strategy which had proposed that what was then being spent in Iraq each week could be deployed over 5 years in an alternative to traditional capitalism for the benefit of the poorest and most vulnerable.  

In October 2007, USAID had offered grant funding assistance to community organisations in Ukraine and we applied for $25k to begin work on the first of 400+ rehab centers for disabled children, which had been called for in the proposal and later pledged by Ukraine's government.

The original grant offer stated a 30 day decision period  The response from USAID came finally after 5 months and was to declare that there were inadequate funds to help this group of 'retarded' children.    

In August last year, the author, my American colleague died in poverty, still fighting the cause  His 2008 call on the Senate had drawn attention to the RICO activities which were profiting from the vulnerable.   

When finally, mainstream media picked up on the Death Camps, For Children story we'd published in 2006, we were told that If by our deliberate blindness, children are allowed to suffer such...

After all this, Dr Rajiv Shah recently described the need to embrace the kind of enlightened capitalism they'd turned away several years earlier.    

If you're wondering why this didn't happen before, I think I have the answer. A project of their own in partnership with the British Council.  Both had stonewalled us and were prepared to brush these vulnerable children under the carpet.

Without support, those who determine to 'be the change' will continue to lose their lives unnoticed. 


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