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2011 – 10th Anniversary Celebration for HR 808!
Join a special national call
June 21, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. PDT/ 9:00 pm EDT
The New AND Continuing Dialogue about a U.S. Department of Peace
Featuring Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA)
California Congresswoman Barbara Lee has been a key part of the Department of Peace legislation since its inception and initial introduction in Congress on July 11, 2001.  She assisted in the original drafting and has been a cosponsor of this legislation since day one.  Please join this free conference call to learn more about the 2001 legislation, what inspired Representative Lee then, changes and developments since 2001, what inspires Rep. Lee now and taking this into the future.
Call-in Information:  Rep. Lee will join us for the first 20 minutes at 6:00 pm PDT/ 9:00 pm EDT; if you registered for the 4/13/11 call, you will receive a reminder email; otherwise use this link to register now:
Use your monthly unique access code, call 916-469-4760 (general access code 449214#) or register at





  • 06/21/11 -  National Department of Peace Call.  Join us for a conversation about where we've been and where we're going, as we approach the July Anniversary.  Rep. Barbara Lee will join us for the first 15 minutes a few minutes after the call begins at 6:00 pm PDT/ 9:00 pm EDT; if you registered for the 4/13/11 call, you will receive a reminder email on 6/21; otherwise use this link to register now:


July & August – The Peace Alliance/DOP Summer Communications for Peace


  • Relaunch of TPA website; launch of new TPA campaign, The Faces of Peace
  • Launch of TPA Online Newspaper, featuring DOP 10th Anniversary column
  • Use DoPeace ( to announce your events; new discussion for sharing stories
  • Connect locally to prepare your team for action – Let’s increase our impact in September!
  • 07/05/11 -  National Monthly Conversation Call.  Please mark your calendar for all 1st Tuesdays this year!  Join us at 6:00 pm PDT/ 9:00 pm EDT, with featured guest speaker Benita Tsao of the UNITY program of The Prevention Institute.  Registration information will go out in the reminder to everyone receiving this email that morning. Pre-registration allows us to call you by name when you’ve indicated you would like to speak.
  • 07/11/11 -  10th Anniversary - a Decade of Department of Peace Legislation.  Celebrate and thank community peacebuilders in a way that is meaningful to you and/or impactful locally – host a picnic for peace, a DOP house party, a walkathon, or some other event.  Call Congressman Kucinich at 202-225-5871 to thank him. Contact your Representatives and/or President Obama.  Gather friends, peacebuilders and family to celebrate your/our accomplishments and look forward to our next steps.  Expand your use of media outlets!  Share experiences about what you’ve done over the last decade or hope for over the next decade at the discussion thread. 
  • 08/02/11 -  National Monthly Conversation Call.  Guest speaker plus updates and discussion on current and future initiatives and strategies.
  • 08/16/11 -  National Department of Peace Call.  Join us at 6:00 pm PDT/ 9:00 pm EDT; if registered for a previous call, you will receive a reminder email. 
  • September 2011 –  International Day of Peace, 10th Anniversary of 9/11; Anniversary of Movement for nonviolence with Mahatma Gandhi.  Connect with local volunteers and groups now and collaborate on local events!

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