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Hypocrit VA...

by Ryan Sheldon Lewison Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 1:36pm ·

The hypocracy of the practice at both mental wards that I have experienced in Colorado is evidence that the fact that in our culture we do not really have enough conversation about these places. The doctors failed to express scientific perspectives to patients and I am sure that such expressions would be a practice of actual interest of patients psychological wellbeings. Something is missing when we do not expect Doctors to explain scientific perspectives. The current practice amongst these mental wards is rude and extremely hypocritical of the science of psychology/psychiatry. The Doctors simply choose to retain an opinion based on vague knowledge of patients and too often insist on forcing people to take medication against there will. After experiencing the VA mental ward many people that I shared my experience with were not surprised. In fact several veterans told me that they don't get involoved with the VA because the VA just puts people on medications. The doctors seem to be abusing there authority and inadvertently using medication as a form of punishment. I was suggested to the mental ward at the Colorado VA because I was having an anxiety attack at the courthouse. This then led to a diagnosis of schizophrenia and psychosis by the VA Doctors. Somehow having an anxiety attack means that I must be crazy all the while having no public education about judicial settings by the time we turn 18 is exceptable. In the Ward I was shot up with medications that gave me tremors and other strange side effects like akathisia. I thought this practice was odd because by the time I reached the ward I had no longer been experiencing the symptoms of my anxiety attack. I felt as though I was being bullied by the Doctors and witnessd others in the ward that expressed feeling the same way. At the Denver Health mental ward I wtnessd patients getting sick/vomitting from medications that were being forced upon them. The doctors at the VA mental ward thought that I was acting strange when I was attempting to sleep most of my time at the ward. What would you do? I asked them what they think they would be doing if they were being held against there will in a place for having an anxiety attack. The Doctors pretended to have a professional percpective and anything I said or did was objectified with a strange lack of scientific perspective. I was then placed on a medication by a shot that lasted a month that gave me terrible akathisia and therefor increased my anxiety. This was opposite of what I understand the purpose of this kind of psychological therapy is for. As if medicating people was the only option of sustaining a theraputic environment.

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