Empowering civic activism toward a culture of peace.

    I participated in last nights call. It is always good to hear what others in our community are feeling, especially after such  a sad and tragic event.

    Seems to me that these things happen cause we are so separate and self concerned and many individuals just don't know how to reach out to othes that they see are troubled. We have a ways to go in being more courageous in that way.

   Mlk Day is coming up and last year I carried an offical 'Support the Creation of a Dept. of Peace' sign in the rally and march in Gainesville Fl. Dr. King was a great advocate for Peace and Nonviolence so it seemed very appropriate to be there.  I will go again this year and encourage others to go to their local events and be a presence for the Peace Alliance.

   Form follows function.  We act on our beliefs, expressing peace in a truly peaceful manner and peace is sure to follow.


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