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Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize? Wouldn't an obvious choice have been Costa Rica. The country created a Department of Peace. What a noble and loving act. They are only the third county to have such a department.

The only rational I can see behind the motives of the Nobel committee is to pressure Obama to take action. However, with two wars going on, one which Obama wants to escalate, the other where he is hesitant to pullout, and treats of another with Iran make me cynical as to their motives.

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I also have a hard time understanding the reasoning. If it actually DOES spur him into more action toward peace, would it have been a good choice in the end? Costa Rica sounds like a good idea -- surely there are other persons around the world who work toward REAL peace?
President Obama, through his successful campaigning and support of a clear majority of the American people, brought an end to an authoritarian regime with an eight year record of making the world a more violent place. This peaceful overthrow brought hope to the American people and to those around the world who would see us as a guiding example. IMHO, this peacebuilding accomplishment alone is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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