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I'm heartened that our President was chosen to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Not because I don't think he has much room to grow, but because it will hopefully provide more incentive for him to move down the path to investing in real peacebuilding efforts. What are your thoughts? Please post below.

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Dr, Burnes, I do not know what you wrote. Perhaps if you would have a look at it and also the guidelines for this site, you might be able to figure out what was not acceptable. Was your post really in the spirit and interest of peace?
I wrote the President as follows: "
I would like to congratulate you on winning the Nobel Peace Prize and urge you to continue down the path of peace. (I have to interject parenthetically that this necessarily includes rethinking your approach to Israel and its hostile neighbors!)

I also want to request tha you get behind The Youth PROMISE Act (H.R. 1064, S.435), as it offers one of the most compelling and powerful opportunities yet to address the prevention of youth violence. This piece of legislation has been written together with the people on the ground doing the work, and your support really move this along faster than anything."
Stopping a (pre-existing) multifaceted war is like trying to stop a down hill runaway engine.

You appear to have an (pre-existing) agenda. But, I see, you are not alone.

Personal Beliefs affect Personal Outcomes.
Personal Beliefs affect Perceptions of external Outcomes.
Perceptions often generate irrelevant conclusions.

It is huge to change gears
from a mentality of confrontation, hatred, violence and war
to opening dialogue, listening, understanding and Peace.

The award was for changing gears.
Our President being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, validates that others paralllel my own, long held, contention that to be a civilized people, it is essential to educate and communicate, not just dictate, legislate and annihilate.

It is huge to change gears from a mentality of confrontation, hatred, violence and war to opening dialogue, listening, understanding and Peace.

This is truly an enormous advancement towards Peace and deserves to be acknowledged by all, not just the Nobel Committee.
I agree Mabel with what you said in the first two para but not necessarily your conclusion.

Obama, as far as i know did not endorse the World march for Peace yet despite being publicly approached by sometime ago. Just wish he is not so hesitant to endorse something initiated by citizens and peace advocates around the world to give voice to the silent majority.

Thankyou for pointing this out to me.
Perhaps they see clearly that a time for peace has come and the man who can achieve this peace has been elected. We must all protect him so that he can step up to the plate and lead the world to a new stage of evolution.
President Obama, through his successful campaigning and support of a clear majority of the American people, brought an end to an authoritarian regime with an eight year record of making the world a more violent place. This peaceful overthrow brought hope to the American people and to those around the world who would see us as a guiding example. IMHO, this peacebuilding accomplishment alone is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.
I hope that the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama will be prophetic of what is to come from his presidency, but in my own personal opinion, he has not yet proved his committment to peace. Although I love love LOVED his recent speech at the UN and his thoughts about peace and international cooperation, I felt his recent address to Congress regarding health care reform was divisive and accusatory. We are all evolving and learning to find a way to peace in a world that doesn't always support us, and my sincerest hope is that this award will support and feed the Peacebuilder in President Obama.
One thing that I feel strongly needs to be said in regard to the Nobel Peace Prize itself is that Gandhi, one of the greatest champions and teachers of peace, has not been a recipient of this award. This causes me to question what this award really means, and I would love to see the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize go to Gandhi, a human being that truly lived a lifetime dedicated to the cause of peace.
If Gandhi were alive, I am sure that he would qualify. Nobels are not awarded posthumously.
Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't read carefully enough and made an assumption off the fact that Gandhi was considered after his death in 1948. For anyone interested, on the Nobel Prize website, if you search for Gandhi, you'll be led to an article called "The Missing Laureate" that speculates about why he was never chosen.
Even though it isn't possible for him to win the Nobel Peace Prize, I still feel a need to focus on Gandhi in relation to important messages of peace at this point in history. Peace is an infinitely complex word that I think is often not fully understood, and to me, Gandhi seems a person that most truly knew and lived this meaning. I think the truest teachers of this abstract concept of peace are worthy of something equally as public as the Nobel Peace Prize.
Dear Megan,
Nice web site about Gandhi. Thank you for pointing it out to me.


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