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I am in a peace studies class at the University of New Mexico. As part of the class we are each doing a research project. My project is to create a cookbook. I believe that food is a huge part of community and hospitality. Without these things how can we ever hope to be friends with our neighbors let alone people across the globe who hold different views from us?

What I need:

Recipes! I would love recipes from all different cultures...anything goes. However, I will note that I am making this a kid and allergen friendly cookbook. You do not need to worry about that part though if you do not want to, I will be changing recipes to be allergen friendly. If your family recipe comes directly from a cookbook- that is OK! Just make sure you add the book's information along with the recipe!

Quotes and stories about peace, food, community and hospitality (If your story/quote encompasses all of those things...Great! if not that is ok!). Next to recipes I want to add in stories, quotes and facts about traditions around the world.

And any ideas you have are wonderful!

Hopefully at the end of this project, not only with I have a wonderful research project, but I will also have a cookbook available to sell- and if not at least I will get to try a bunch of wonderful food!

Thank you for your help!!!

You can visit my blog that is dedicated to this project:
Feel free to post comments and send me recipes/ideas/quotes/stories/etc...

Thanks again!

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What a creative project. Be sure to keep my in the loop when it is published. I would like to include your cookbook in our Peace Gallery and if you do any video of your recipes, we could include some Cookin' up Peace videos in our gallery.
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Thanks! I will let you know!
Great idea! Thanks.


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