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Hi everyone,
Years ago I designed a concept for a Peace Pavilion, a peace center where people could experience many peace related things. It was divided into sections - 1) contributions to the world of every society 2) an ecological exhibit showing how the world will be in 10 years if we do nothing & the things that we can do on an individual, community, and international basis, to change the course of destruction, 3) workshops on cultural diversity, bio-diversity, conflict resolution, etc. 4) Buckminster fuller's "The World Game" concerning the world's resources, all surrounding a central core of a zen garden with peace signs in every known language.
It was too huge & expensive for us to achieve. Perhaps it can become a virtual peace center. If you have any ideas please tell me. We need this peace center.
Peace2U, Lynne Knudsen

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Dear Lynne,

what a truly wonderful, lovely idea. Ever hear of the World Dreams Peace Bridge?
maybe they would be interested in this Virtual Peace Pavillion? They have many active volunteers who belong to many other "Peace Groups", all over the U.S. and the "world", mostly in US though. They have several members from Massachusetts! One member is the websites graphic artist...
Maybe you could ask them to "dedicate" even a page on their website, with a click on link to:PeacePavillion!
Contact founder Jean Campbell, of WDPB.

Wishing you all the best with it!
Good Luck!
Thanks so much, Mary. I did go to their site & had to go thru' a million places to go onto Yahoo & the letter that I sent them, in much detail, may have never gone thru'. But at least I'm a member now & tomorrow I'll try again to send them a message. Again, thanks so much for your support.
Peace2U, Lynne
Hi Lynne. You may want to check into the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard and The Peace Room. I thought they were working to pull together a virtual community much like you're describing, but their vision/progress may have changed.

Good luck!



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