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One of the projects we've been toying with is the idea of recognizing the accomplishments of existing peacebuilding organizations as shining examples of what the eventual Department of Peace would be funding - best practices in things like reducing youth violence, domestic violence or prison recidivism, for example.

We've all heard of such organizations - Community Conferencing, Challenge Day, etc. The idea of "Peacebuilder of the Month" (POM) would be to put the weight of the Peace Alliance community behind the POM and let the rest of the world know about them and what they are doing. We would raise funds on behalf of the POM, and split the results. The work of the Peace Alliance would also become know to existing supporters of the POM.

The questions now are:
1) Does this sound like a good project for our community to engage in?
2) Which organizations should be considered for the POM campaign?
3) How do we decide which organizations/people get chosen to be POM? What criteria should we use?

I'd very much like to hear back from the DoPeace community about this idea and your thoughts on these questions.

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I love this idea. The power of the collective is more powerful than that of one. I believe we should leave behind the thoughts of scarcity...for the success of one in this movement is the success of all!

Great work everyone!


I like this idea too - I'm wondering how it might function sustainably, in an ongoing way both nationally and locally. This is not meant to express doubt - more like curiousity about any further thoughts you'all might have about the process. What sort of shared commitments - and from whom - might be needed to keep such a thing flowing, and how much flow do you envision? Our local group was doing something like it for a little while. We'd pick 2 regional resources per month to add to the Peace Registry, and send the selected entities a postcard acknowledging and appreciating their work. For the first few months it was I doing much of the selecting (as District Team Leader, I was usually the one preparing most actively for monthly meetings), then someone else volunteered to take it over, but we let it slide as we became involved with other things --- maybe something was missing for us on the other end of the feedback loop also - perhaps wishing to feel some stronger connections with the groups we were naming and promoting. In this sense, one per month might be a good place to start, while being open to perhaps some event or opportunity for a more in-depth connection with one of those resources - perhaps every third month, or twice per year.

Those are some reflections - I love the deepening of TPA role in community peacebuilding, and I look forward to see and participate in what structures and specifics may arise to really promote and celebrate this evolution.


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