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Smart Money: Documented Cost Savings Which Increase Peace and Justice

Hi Peacemakers,


Below is a link to a Google Doc spreadsheet containing a list of 160+ research/advocacy reports and their web links that have documented cost savings that increase Peace and Justice in these areas: 


a.  Youth Development

b.  School and Education

c.  Juvenile Justice

d.  Youth Violence Prevention

e.  Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

f.  Crime Reduction

g.  Law and Justice

h.  Prison Reforms

i.   Recidivism Reduction and Re-entry Success

j.   Miscellaneous

Smart Money: Documented Cost Savings That Increase Peace and Justice


This is highly credible information provided by outstanding people and organizations so I suggest we disseminate it widely.   Collectively, there are tens, if not, hundreds of billions of dollars of savings that have been identified.


This is still a work in progress since I'm diving deeper into each of these documents to pinpoint exactly which pages have the cost savings info for quicker retrieval by users.


Also, the spreadsheet identifies the authors and contributing/collaborating organizations in order to facilitate the natural networking opportunities that arise with these like-minded people/groups.


Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have.




Brian Gibbs

San Diego Americans for a Dept of Peace

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