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Some days seem the same, some days seem different. Truth is, everyday is different; no matter how it seems. It is how it is seen that garners how many opportunities one seizes. What if each and everyday your walk consisted of owning the determination to have a breakthrough became the focus? Does that seem a highly unlikely option to manifest? On the contrary. Life is the opportunity for growth. The levels of growth have never been a factor. Growth; period, is the factor of determination. For instance when a child learns to walk, adults may remember when, or how long it took to happen, but for the child; one day it happened. Period. As we become more aware of the workings of the world from time spent on the planet, comparison steps in for constant recognition. With this new presence we begin to know how we are doing by knowing how someone else is doing. Grades are compared not to our prior scores, but to the scores of our classmates in school. Then other schools, all the way to some global comparisons. Comparison goes hand and hand with competition. This growth is a crossroad. Depending on the perspective taken, one may compete for the fun of it, loving the mental or physical exercise. Or, if insecurity lurks within, one may then become ego driven.


Ego is special, if it is not driven from "I can do it", fun perspective, it does not usually prefer to act alone.  It tends to bring anger along to the party.  Anger  tends to use a friend to help it stay maintained. To assist it with obtaining fuel. It's prime assistant is fear. Fear once it is discovered, can run wild. Once it begins running, it can sustain itself for moments, days, weeks years and sometime lifetimes. There is fear of touching a hot stove, fear of not getting a job, of flying, drowning, heights, success, etc. What ever the catalyst, fear can be the undertone fundraiser for many endeavors. Fear can lead to murder, theft, suicide, corruption, many things....things that could be prevented if faced, instead of walked away from.


Facing fear means at some point it will be dealt with, or it may not be allowed to grow into a factor at all. Facing fear so it will not grow into anything at all. That is the path less spoken of. It is the path less easily thought of; resulting in it being a path not expected to be taken.  This is what is addressed subliminally in my book - Small Town Planet Earth. The main characters do not step through life in fear. They focus on other emotions. Yes, there are ups and downs, negatives and positives, good guys and bad guys, and in the back ground fear murmurs, but that is where it stays. In Small Town Planet Earth the main character and his friends live life  everyday as we do, and without realizing it, fear is not a factor. It is not extraordinary, what is most interesting is that fear is not missed.  Showing fear is not a necessity for living. There is a mystical component, and Martin does walk a path of saving the world, you will be entertained. It is a wonderful, slice of life and it is available at Have a great day, and enjoy, Dada 

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