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I have always been a teacher. When I began my career officially it was in 1960. During all those years I was seeking inner peace as I was teaching little children how to develop socially and academically.In 1984 I was selected Peace Teacher of the Year in Miami Dade County by the Grace contrino Abrams Peace Education Foundation. I was selected because I created a program I called Loving Circle Time.



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I certainly agree with the belief that Peace begins with me. If we first model the values and behavior of peace, people in relationship with us could learn or gain the confidence to also behave peacefully.

My "story" anchored in my soul, after I was assaulted at knife point in my own home. After being woken from a deep sleep to an intruder standing over me with a butcher knife, being ripped out of bed and a physical fight, and many miracles and 2 hrs. of negotiation later, this man left my home wanting to shake my hand because I had been so kind. I was not physically hurt. By the next morning, I was clear that the universe had provided an experience for me to learn that people have a need to be cared for and respected. By my modeling respect and peaceful behaviors, this man rose to the same level of behavior. I am not an angel; my behaviors that night were purely a download from God.

Peggy, Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story.  I wonder if you have written more about this event and your feelings during the entire experience.  Did you consciously latch onto some teaching or spiritual practice that allowed you to calm yourself or to reach out to your attacker?  Can you say more about the conversation between you? 

Kendra Mon

Petaluma, CA


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