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What are you doing to mark International Peace Day - Sept. 21?

Chime in and let your friends on DoPeace what you're doing in your neck of the woods to participate in International Peace Day tomorrow.

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If you're looking for inspiration, check out to find activities near you.
I shall continue to disseminate the invitation received from the hands of 192 Member States of the United Nations in §3 of the beforementioned Resolution, A/RES/55/282, to act accordingly in an appropriate manner, to cooperate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire, to include additional 365 days of the year to establish Global Peace Forever.

Details on
Some folks, me included, from the local-north central florida dept. of peace group, and volunteers from the young Democrats on campus-Univ. of florida (along with Ben and Jerrys) will be recruiting students to text or phone their congressperson in support of the Youth Promise Act.
Should be a Good day. Peace, Oebm
We dedicated a peace pole at Longfellow School in Bridgeport, CT today. More than 200 students and teachers attended, along with the Mayor, the School Superintendent, our State Representative, our Congressional Representative, Board of Ed members, and parents. This is our 5th peace pole in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. We started doing this in 2005 and we haven't missed a year yet. Already thinking about planting a peace pole in the projects next to the school---who knows what seeds of peace we planted today.

Pictures will follow soon.
That sounds like quite an event Gail. I look forward to seeing the pictures!
I am praying and meditating for PEACE, as humans have failed to understand Peace.
Prof.Fani Bhusan Das
Professor of Peace & Ekistics
On the International day of Peace, I urge upon UN to adopt the proposal of 28days 13 months moon Peace calendar,replacing the present Gregorian Calendar which is pending with UN for last more than 100 years.My book of "PEACE TIMECALENDAR" published by authorhouse,Bloomington,Indiana,USA has dealt in detail about the urgency for which this long pending proposal should be accepted by UN. I request Do Peace to move UN to do it so that mankind is saved.WILL Do PEACE do it? This is my SOS call to UN and to Do Peace.
Prof.Fani Bhusan Das
Professor of Peace & Ekistics
This "Little Ol' Lady AND the SHOES/Angel of PEACE" is deLIGHTed to anticipate attending the WORLD DAY OF PEACE Celebration at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, AZ. The evening that is 'planned' sound absolutely JOYOUS & it will be My personal honor/privilege to STEP FORward to be a part of this special event.

No matter WHERE You are...I pray that EVERYONE will enJOY their experience & subsequently, STEP FORward on a 'new' Path to PEACE!!! Blessings to You...ALWAYS!!!
I have to work... but I did get my boss to give me a lunch break to mediate, read, and listen to music that will inspire me and give me a chance to pray for all those who spread the word about peace and for those who don't know that peace is the onlt way.
We are celebrating the UN International Day of Peace with our third annual ONE PEACE event. Go to for all of the details. We're showing Barbara Marx Hubbard's film "Visions of a Universal Humanity, and Neal Rogin's film "The Awakening Universe". We want to wake up & inspire everyone to "be the change"!!!
Colleen Mills
Citizens for Peace President
District 11 Leader of the MI DoP Campaign
hi colleen
i dont know if you remeber me but i am zeinab bazzi i recieved second place at essay contest. i wanted to know you email address because i needed to talk to you about something


I am preparing for Peace Day in 2011!!! and 2012 & 2013!!!!!!

 I will produce and perform at our 1st Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Fest in metro Detroit.

I am "Living History Performer who have just celebrated 25 years of performing as Dr. King. The Peace Fest will be held We will have peace workshops, workshops that will teach anger management, confict resolution, peer mediation, domestic violence, workplace violence, and bullying, in school and the workplace. I preparing a 10 city tour for 2013, which will mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's most famous speech, "I Have A Dream!!".  I wish good fortune for everyone's endeavors of Peace! I also have a childern's play production: " The True Story of Mother Rosa Parks" . where the children perform as the characters in the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955!

my email address is rudy4456         


Love & Peace.


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