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What Did You Do For the International Day of Peace?

September 21 was the International Day of Peace this year. Some people celebrated on the 20th, some on the 19th. Whatever day you celebrated, please share your story with the rest of the DoPeace community. If you have photos or videos, please share those, as well!

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I met with a group of students in the Conflict Resolution program at Howard Community College and helped form a Student Peace Alliance! Yea!

AWESOME and UPLIFTING...more than 20 incredible murals painted by over 90 amazing teenagers with Art Miles and the Esperanza Learning Foundation in Chula Vista, California...we focused on Youth Sports for Peace and were privileged to have more than 16 top notch multicultural entertainers and saw how peace is possible if continue to teach a culture of peace (through the arts in our case) versus teaching a culture of war...! I love this day, but we work hard at making everyday Peace Day...and have done so for over 12 years and the work we have facilitated proves it. We hope you will join us on exactly one year from now in Egypt when we will exhibit more than 12 miles of murals (and performance of music by our first on-line virtual youth commemorate the end of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace...May Peace Prevail On Earth!
This is the poster from our event (mural photos coming soon) and it wa created with images from a mural created by youth in South Korea...

the second photo is a mural from East Jerusalem that says it all! May Peace Prevail On Earth!
I had the honor of dedicating a Peace Pole as a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking.
I love my work on this planet. It is a Joy!
Thank you for watching.
Being Peace,
Kim Prucha
I was there, Kim! It was a beautiful day, wonderful people, scenic surroundings, and a fantastic ceremony! I look forward to seeing pictures of the peace sign bulbs sprouting in the spring.
I prayed for Peace especially in middle east and elsewhere and wrote E-mails to legislators.
We held an ONLINE PEACE MEDITATION for the Deer of Cayuga Heights, NY whose fate is being decided at a Board of Trustee's meeting as we speak. Their crime? Eating a few tulips here and there. Our life message is to expand the concept of PEACE to include all species. The message of PEACE always finds its perfect space. The MEDITATION for the DEER can be viewed or downloaded at --- you are officially invited to add your voice to others who hold a vision of PEACE for these voiceless innocents.
September 19th...I participated in "ONE PEACE" in Livonia MI. Dr. Sharif Abdullah was the keynote, enjoyed a wonderful group meditation, reconnected with peace making friends. You can read more about this event on the Michigan group site, posted by Colleen Mills who was a co-coordinator ONE PEACE.

September 20th...I participated in "PEACE DAY" on the U of Michigan campus and enjoyed the talents of many, including rappers, poets, traditional bands and more. Hats off to Kevin Szwala whose efforts created this event for the 4th year in a row, bringing more diversity and connectedness to that community.

September 21st...quietly observing~

St Ann students, pictured here with their pinwheels for peace, participated along with Longfellow and Black Rock Elementary School students in a peace pole dedication at the newly renovated and reopened Black Rock branch library in Bridgeport, CT.

200+ students and their teachers and neighbors and friends attended. Students read letters from Senator Dodd, Senator Leiberman, and Representative Jim Himes. State Representative Auden Grogins was on hand to congratulate the students and encourage them to continue bringing peace into their schools and neighborhoods. The prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth” is written on the peace pole in English, Spanish, Japanese, and American Sign Language (ASL).

It is the fourth peace pole in the Black Rock neighborhood: there is one in my front garden at 78 Bartram Avenue, one at Black Rock Elementary School, and one at St Ann School (both on Brewster Street).

Governor Rell’s Representative Chris Tymniak read the Governor’s Proclamation that September 21st is International Peace Day in Connecitcut. Mayor Finch read his proclamation for the city of Bridgeport and encouraged the students to continue working for peace and to dedicate themselves to ending global warming.

We are already thinking about where to dedicate the 2010 peace pole. Any suggestions?

Please see another Art Miles Mural Project International Day of Peace participant...9/20/09
We did a doorknock in our neighborhood, circulating a petition that asks Obama to support our local Rep. Ellison on healthcare as well as with the creation of a Department of Peace.

I also made a post about International Peace Day on DailyKos. Let me know what you think!
Today I did meditation with the Peace Revolution 2010 program! People all over the world are using this website to keep a journal of daily meditation and turning inner peace into social action.


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