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Please peruse the discussion, feel free to share relevant things you've had published, drafts you're working on, and/or articles or columns you're considering responding to.

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Dan and Lori

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Alright - I think I just sent everyone messages instead of posting here....

I've been doing a monthly column for the Owl Creek Gazette since January this year called "Can We Talk?"  I invite you all to check it out and comment if the spirit so moves you!



Thanks, Lori, and welcome! I dove into the Owl Creek Gazette - haven't gotten to your piece yet, but cool publication!
Cheers, and thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks Dan, for the reply and the welcome.

I tell my friend Jan, who I've known for years, that she's the best friend I've never met.  Her and her husband produce the Owl Creek Gazette, and have done other publications in the past that I've written for.  We've never met in person.

I really enjoy the diy attitude and informative nature of the OCG, and having committed to a monthly column insures that I write something publishable on a regular basis ;^)

Thanks for providing a place where I can share!



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