Empowering civic activism toward a culture of peace.

         PeaceDay                September 21st of each Earth Year

         Formed by the United Nations of Earth 

          A Full Day of Global Truce

          Opposing sides in all earth skirmishes agree to lay down their arms to allow Red Cross and Humanitarian supply teams into war zones to inoculate kids for disease and give medical treatment to tens of thousands.  Over 1,000,000 polio vaccines were administered in Afghanistan on PeaceDay Sept.21st 2012  

            For 2013 - A call for Global Truce beyond Peace day

            Continuing campaign of teaching Peace in schools globally and the organization Peaceoneday in the UK is working with educators the world-over on how to teach resolve for bullying and eliminating an atmosphere of intolerance replacing it with Peaceful intent, works, actions, events, ect...

This discussion Group is for the creativity of collaborating events for PeaceDay.  What can you do to bring peace to your neck of the woods.   Running for President,  or lesser office,  campaigning for what you feel needs awareness in the Global mindset.  Concerts to raise awareness and moneys to bring supplies to kids in war zones.   Peace Partys,  Petition drives,  canvassing,  ect... many many ways to change the world, whats your view of what to do on, for, and to improve PEACEDAY.   I'll hand your answers to the founder of the days himself in the UK.

so scribe on a few notes of what peace means to you and what you think needs be done to achieve it and what you are going todo to take action along with this effort your progressing with now.  Peace and may God Bless you this New Year.


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