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My current involvement is to go to various events where I think people might be interested in DoP, and hand out a brief flier, and ask if people would like to be on the campaign email list, then pass that information on to our state coordinator. What are other people doing?

Best in peace

Mike Bradley

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BT, Kathy and I are in the process of scheduling a time to meet with Shannon Chandley a local, District 06 Representative from the town of Amherst. Sitting on the State Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, she already has interest in programs that reduce violence, recidivism and increase the safety of communities. She has requested a meeting with us.
We have concentrated on our Federal Congresspeople in the past, but now hope to stir enthusiasm for HR808 (Department of Peace Act) and HR1064 (Youth PROMISE Act) on the local level. I know you are working with the Town Resolutions, thanks, also a very important local action. (Some local politicians have higher aspirations in Government, now is a fine time to enlighten and excite them.) Or try, in the least.

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
- Albert Einstein
In Peace, jan
p.s. Both Paul Hodes and C. Shea-Porter have co-sponsored the Youth PROMISE Act. Feel free to thank them.


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