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Adoption of PEACE CALENDAR-13Moon months 28days civil calendar replacing the present Gregorian Calendar

Re: Book of Peace Time Caendar. From 2010 to 8days left 2011- the period of extreme turmoil-Today it is felt as if SNOW AGE is returning to wipe out humans.The global environment has deteriorated adding mor and more misery and despair to humans as well as to environment. Violence and terror have increased.This has all happened inspite of all national/international/global summits, deliberations and actions to minimise attack of Nature on man and attack of man on Man.This perhaps leads to tell us that our intellectual level is on decline as a result all actions on globalization and technolisation have failed.This is taking place as we still continue with VIOLENT TIME of Gregorian Calendar fragmenting our minds as a result we are not inclined to accept any idea that will transform the present Violent Time into Peace Time.It is evident from the fact that the ideas of my book "PEACE TIMECALENDAR" are ignored by the global people as well as UN.Even the book has not yet been recognised which has the potential to transform the world into a sustainable unit embedded with prosperity with peace,hunger-free,pollution-free and violent-free liveable environment. I donot desire all these for my any vested interest, but for the long-term welfare of the humanity.I urge upon in the New Year2011 all world citizens to understand the ideas contained in the book and HUMBLY REQUEST UN TO ADOPT THE PEACE CALENDAR OF 13MONTHS 28 DAYS MOON CIVIL CALENDAR during year 2011 to save the humanity from the catatrophe likely to begin from 2012. I will be also grateful if  all the members of DO PEACE   accept my ideas and spread the message so that UN will clear long time pending proposal(more than 100 years) and announce "WITH EFFECT FROM 2011 THE PEACE CALENDAR OF 13 MONTHS 28DAYS MOON CALENDAR IS ADOPTED REPLACING THE PRESENT GREGORIAN CALENDAR".Then a NEW ERA in Human civilisation will begin. > > Prof.Fani Bhusan Das 23 December 2010

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