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In which state do you live? (Please provide the full spelling, not the state abbreviation.)
Vienna, Austria
If you're not from the United States, please let us know which country you are from.
What first attracted you to peace activism?
I have always been an activist, supporting charities, promoting peace and unity in diversity in my own way. I would be happy to actively promote your work through my blogs, twitter etc: and

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  • Don

    Thank you Maria,

    Your involvement in the promotion of peace and goodwill in the world is a gift to humanity. People everywhere will come to realize that we as individuals are all part of the ONE Humanity...and as such we have responsibilties to those less fortunate than ourselves. We have obligations to our brothers and sisters - through the promotion of goodwill peace will eventuate. Love...and give...that is the key to everything...

    With love,