• Former State Coordinators

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    Open to State Coordinators for discussion of issues relevant to this group.


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  • Canadians For Peace

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    i would like to invite Canadians to join with me in the world movement for peace. Bill Siksay an MP from Burnaby Vancouver has put forth a bill to create a department of peace in Canada. I would welcome others who would like to dialogue about this.

  • SPA -Mississippi

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  • Student Peace Alliance

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    Student Peace Alliance mobilizes our generation to create and sustain peace. We engage our communities and policy makers in building sustainable peace.

  • SPA - Arizona

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  • Arizona

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    People from the great state of Arizona who are active or interested in being active in advocating for legislation to reduce and prevent violence, including the Department of Peace.

  • Tennessee

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  • Maine

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    Maine campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace

  • C.O.M.A. Community Occupy Movement Affiliated meet-up group

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    Community Occupy Movement Affiliated meet-up groups are existing world-wide and operate exclusive in communities to bring local representatives of organizations and peaceful orientated citizens together to talk about their community to make a world of differences.

  • Restorative Justice & Practices

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    The Peace Alliance and Board Member Molly Rowan Leach are thrilled to announce the Fall Kickoff of the Restorative Justice Telecouncil Series and the workings of a longer term Resource area and collaborative network for those working in RJ and related fields and for those inspired by the growing mo…

  • Lotus Tribe

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    A nonprofit education organization. Through building a supportive system of collaboration and the launch of our global Education of the Heart initiative, our mission is to ensure the well being of communities across the globe.

  • Peace & Sustainable Urban Development

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    Dear Madam/Sir, I am invited by Ashoka Changemakers to enter my IDEA for Global Competition on "Sustainable Urban Housing:Collaborating for Liveable and Inclusive City" which is funded and sponsered by Rockfelle


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    The global chalk art project 4 peace


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    Through local alliance building, community education, personal peace practices and service efforts in our communities, we will demonstrate on the ground what peace looks like.

  • Virginia - The Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice

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    A group promoting community awareness regarding peace and justice issues. Join the Movement. Our address is PO Box 1063 Fishersville,VA 22939

  • Nonviolent Peaceforce

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    An unarmed, professional civilian peacekeeping force that is invited to work in conflict zones worldwide, NP works with local groups to provide a proactive presence and safe spaces for civilians and to develop local capacity to prevent violence.

  • Peace Educators

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    This group is for members who are actively involved in, or interested in, teaching non-violence, conflict resolution, and peace studies. This group is one group through which we can share materials, information about workshops, and events!

  • NJ DoP Steering Committee

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    Core group of NJ members who plan events and strategy, make decisions and stay in close communication.

  • 2009 Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace

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    This September, representatives from all over the world will be gathering in San Jose Costa Rica for the 4th Global Alliance Summit for Ministries & Departments of Peace (September 17-21st). www.gasummit.org