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May-June 2013 Schedule

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Host Molly Rowan Leach


Thursday, May 9th

Honored Guest Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz


 Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz (pictured at right with Howard Zehr)

is the co-director of the Office on Crime and Justice for Mennonite Central Committee. She serves as consultant and trainer for restorative justice programs having a victim offender mediation component. She has worked in the field of victim offender mediation since 1984.  She is faculty during the Summer Peacebuilding Institute's internationally-attended courses annually. She has co-authored a curriculum entitled "Victim Offender Conferencing in Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System",The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools, and is the author of The Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing. She also co-authored with Howard Zehr, pictured above together and with their book What Will Happen To Me which is a portrait of children who have at least one parent incarcerated. She received her BS in social work from Eastern Mennonite University, where in 2002 she was awarded the Distinguished Service Award. She holds a master of social work from Marywood University.



Thursday, May 16th 4:30pmPST/7:30EST

Honored Guest Colorado Rep. Pete Lee

The Restorative Justice Pilot Project: From House Bill 13-1254 to passage into Law--How it happened and what is next.


Colorado Representative Pete Lee (House District 18) has championed Restorative justice in Colorado and was co-sponsor of HB 13-1254, The Restorative Justice Pilot Project, which just passed last week. He also was key in the passage of the first Restorative justice bill two years ago and serves as an adviser to many State councils and organizations in the field. 

Rep. Lee has been a public servant in the truest sense for a good portion of his life and is also an attorney. More about Rep. Lee



Thursday, May 23rd 5pmPST/8pEST

Honored Guest Dr. Mark Umbreit

Dancing with the Energy of Conflict and Trauma


Dr. Mark Umbreit is a Professor and founding Director of the Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking at the University of Minnesota, School of Social Work. He serves as a Visiting Professor at the Marquette University Law School in Milwaukee. Dr. Umbreit has also served as a Fellow of the International Centre for Healing and the Law, and a Fellow of the Center for Contemplative Practice in Society.  He is an internationally recognized practitioner and scholar with more than 40 years of experience as a mediator, peacemaker, trainer, teacher, researcher, and author of eight books and more than 200 other publications in the fields of restorative justice, mediation, spirituality, forgiveness, and peacemaking. Dr. Umbreit has conducted training seminars and lectures throughout the world, in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Mideast, and North and South America. Mark has been a consultant and trainer for the U.S. Department of Justice for the past 30 years. Dr. Umbreit also serves on the faculty of the Center for Spirituality & Healing in the Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota, teaching courses on Peacemaking & Spirituality, and Forgiveness & Healing.

As a practitioner, he facilitates peace-building circles in the community between members of diverse cultures and restorative dialogues between family survivors of homicide and the offender in their quest for healing and strength. Mark initiated the first Palestinian-Jewish dialogue group in the Minneapolis/St. Paul community, as well as a Muslim Restorative Justice Engagement Project in the Twin Cities and beyond. He is working with colleagues in Northern Ireland, Italy, Liberia, and Israel/Palestine on peace building initiatives. He has helped establish restorative justice programs in hundreds of communities, including in nearly every state of the U.S. and numerous other countries. Dr. Umbreit’s multi-site and multi-national research has contributed significantly to restorative justice policy development in the U.S. and other countries, as well as providing resource materials and guidance to practitioners. Mark is currently working as a Senior International Consultant with the United Nations Development Program and the Ministry of Justice in Turkey to support their legislative efforts to implement victim offender mediation throughout the country.




Honored Guest George Pegelow

The No-Bully Solution & Youth Peer Courts in Marin County, CA.

George Pegelow has spear-headed the creation of Restorative Justice High School Youth Courts and the "No Bully Solution" in Middle Schools in Marin County, CA.  These are highly successful programs that have resolved 80% of bullying incidents and reduced suspensions from 375 to 20 in one middle school.  The teachers were so moved by the success of this work that they decided to use a circle format for their union negotiations. George used to teach at Stanford, including a course on "Sports, Consciousness and Social Change." He graduated from Stanford University, taught martial arts, eastern thought, sports psychology and optimal human performance at Stanford for 25 years.
Served as Chair of the Education Committee of the Marin County Human Rights Commission for 10 years and is currently Chair of the Marin County Chapter of the ACLU of Northern California. The Chapter has done extensive work in Marin County schools for the past 12 years.
He is Co-Founder of the Marin County Youth Court (The Court will be 10 years old next April.) He is a treasure of wisdom, experiences and resources. 

Thursday, June 6th, 2013 5pmPST/8pEST

Honored Guest Fred Van Liew

Director for the Center for Restorative Justice Practices in Des Moines, Iowa.


Fred Van Liew, a lawyer, mediator, consultant, trainer, lobbyist, community organizer, and novice blogger, is the Director for the Center for Restorative Justice Practices in Des Moines, Iowa.  For most of his twenty-eight years as a practicing attorney he worked as a prosecutor "inside the system."  He learned much during those years but looking back says what he took away from the experience is that we can do much better when it comes to how we respond to crime and those who commit them.  Fred retired as a prosecutor in 2010 and worked for awhile applying Restorative Justice principles to workplace conflicts.  He takes part-time classes in Conflict Transformation at Eastern Mennonite University and says he is fortunate to have Howard Zehr as his mentor.  He is in the early stages of writing a book exploring the experiences ordinary people have had with the justice system, traveling every month to a different part of the country to discover what justice looks like for the average person and those who have been caught up in the system.

For More Information visit:-

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 10amPST/1pmEST

Honored Guest Sebastian Junger

"Which Way Is The Front Line From Here"

Best-selling author of The Perfect Storm, A Death in Belmont and Fire. Co-Director of Restrepo, nominated for an Oscar. Director of "Which Way is The Frontline From Here" about the life of his close friend and colleague, Tim Hetherington.


Sebastian Junger is internationally known for his book The Perfect Storm as well as War, his account of the year he spent with Tim Hetherington at Outpost Restrepo in Afghanistan, for which Hetherington and he also co-directed Restrepo, a powerful documentary that received wide acclaim and an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary. Tim Hetherington was tragically killed in Misrata, Libya while covering the uprisings of the Arab Spring and the rebellion against Khadafy and his troops.  We are honored to host Sebastian Junger for this special edition of Restorative Justice on The Rise, to discuss the film and the significance of Tim Hetherington's work and life, and role as a humanitarian and image-maker who brought great light and truths to our common humanity through his work and selfless service.

For More Information Visit:


Thursday, June 20th, 2013 5pmPST/8pEST

Honored Guest Matthew Hartman

Restorative Justice Coordinator of the Clackamas County Juvenile Department




Matthew Hartman (MA) has extensive experience in organizational development, particularly related to the work of aligning a groups practices with their stated values and purpose.  Working across the US and internationally, Matthew has offered facilitation, consultation and training in restorative justice, conflict transformation, and mediation to non-profit, public and corporate sectors.

Currently, Matthew is the Restorative Justice Coordinator of the Clackamas County Juvenile Department where he is providing in-house consultancy toward aligning the department’s practices with restorative justice values and principles.  Related projects include strategic planning, website enhancement, the development of the Victim Impact Program, and a Victim-Offender Dialogue Program.  In addition, Matthew is also expanding and strengthening the capacity of Clackamas County communities to engage as a meaningful participants in responding to juvenile crime.  Matthew is the Chair of the NW Justice Forum Planning Committee and a Steering Committee member for the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon.

Matthew has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a Masters degree in Conflict Transformation.  Additional areas of expertise include trauma healing; qualitative evaluation; conflict analysis and theory; and strategic peacebuilding.  Matthew’s natural style and ability to put individuals and groups at ease assists all parties in achieving their goals through listening, transformative dialogue and creative problem solving.

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