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So many of us find ourselves in a tumultuous and unsure state of being. We are filled with fears and worries – about losing our homes, jobs, retirement packages, freedom. We are concerned about the state of our nation, the election, the war. Each day presents a new struggle we must grapple with. There is no doubt these are tough times. However, if we try to redefine our personal definition of peace, and look for gentle ways to incorporate it into our everyday lives, we might find a way to better weather the storms.

Peace does not necessarily mean a world without problems, pain, or imbalance. Peace is a state of being. While it may sometimes seem impossible, inner peace is possible despite the emotional influences from world events, media, negative people, and our own judgments. We can access this state when we cultivate peace from the core, rather than looking for it externally.

During a time of crisis, our very existence comes into question. Strong emotions can overtake us. Taking time to be alone with our thoughts and feelings is a valuable tool to develop a strong foundation. In a fast-paced life, turning off the outside world is important.

Take the time to reflect on your life. Peace of mind is a quality you can acquire by focusing on what is important to you. Give energy to the positive things in your world.

Emotions come and they go. The idea is not to let them rule you but to learn what they reveal about you. In the middle of a worldwide crisis, it is okay to feel upset. But try not to harbor anger; you are the one who will suffer most.

Don’t wait for someone to come along and bring peace into your life. Be the harbinger of your own peace and a cheerleader for your own contentment. Balance your days with quiet, thoughtful times, healthful activities, and time spent with family, friends, and people who encourage you.

Sharing your love and your kindness is not always an easy task, but it is one of the most powerful ways to create peace. There is a great reward each time we greet another human being, or a situation, with love instead of anger, resentment, and fear.

Begin with conscious breathing. Relax your body and mind. Breathe into your heart, feel it soften, open up. Imagine a loving person or kind moment. Breathe those feelings into your heart. If anger or grief arises, breathe into that feeling, letting it swirl around and transform. Release the negative emotions with a sigh. Repeat this until you feel negativity dispersing.

Now, focus on transforming all your feelings into love, and then send that love out into the world as a healing light. Even when you feel negative emotions rising, breathe love out into the world. Imagine a white light streaming out of your heart into the world. It is pure and comes from the highest place within you. You can use this meditation for a situation that upsets you, including world events. Remember, we have the choice to live in fear or love.

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