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Measuring Peace in the Media Released

The second edition of our report "Measuring Peace in the Media" was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month.

Download the full report…


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Release of the United States Peace Index

The United States Peace Index was launched in Washington D.C. today!

The U.S. Peace Index is the first in a series of national peace indices that the Institute for Economics and Peace will be releasing to complement and build on its highly respected Global Peace Index. The aim is to further understand the types of environments that are associated with peace and its economic impacts at a more specific regional level.

For the first time, the U.S. Peace Index (USPI) ranks…


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United States Peace Index to be Released April 6

The first national peace index: the United States Peace Index 2011

In April the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) will launch the inaugural US Peace Index which will rank the 50 states of America by their peacefulness. The US Peace Index will be the first in a series of country-based peace indices that will be developed by the Institute in order to build greater understanding of the status and key drivers of peacefulness by district, state or region.…


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I pledge to stop supporting those who incite violence

Here is a stirring message about the growing malignancy in the soul of our country, a disease that was brought to our attention (once again) by the recent horrific killings in Tucson.   The message is followed by a Peace Pledge that I hope all who read this note will seriously consider adopting as their personal response to this most recent tragedy.  We are not helpless.  We do not have to stand by in horror, wringing our hands.  We can commit to taking the action recommended in the pledge,…


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Us Against Them

Showing the need for the Department of Peace and similar government agencies. . .

Violence is plaguing human culture through a subtle “us against them” mentality. We can see it in the way international policies are presented and defended. “It’s us against them.” We hear it in the health care debate. “It’s us against them.” The criminal justice and civil litigation systems are always two sides pitted against one another. “It’s us against them.”

A simple rule that I… Continue

Added by Megan Argo on September 6, 2009 at 5:55pm — 3 Comments

Winning the ultimate battle: How humans could end war

Is the human urge to wage war innate, or will war one day be a thing of the past?

Please comment with your thoughts.

Link to the article:

Added by Megan Jetton on August 16, 2009 at 10:36am — 6 Comments

Declaration of Independence from Violence

On this day in 1776, our country's forefathers declared independence from the tyranny of the British monarchy and launched this shining example of democracy. However, somewhere along the way, the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" has morphed into a society based on violence and a winner-take-all mentality. The history of our democracy is filled with one tragic period of war followed by another, with all-too-brief interludes to reload. When school children are… Continue

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A Memorial Day Salute

This Memorial Day, I'm choosing to honor those who died for our country by considering what we should be doing to make sure no one else need to die for our country ever again. A couple of things that come to mind:

1) Outlaw the concept of "Preemptive War"

2) Embrace the concept of "Preemptive Peace"

We need to stop funneling billions and billions of dollars year after year expanding our national capacity to create and then destroy our enemies while… Continue

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