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BePeace Intensives

Wonderful news here in Costa Rica at the home of BePeace. Beginning October 1st, I will be offering Intensives in the BePeace Process. Rather than me trying to explain that process, I will refer you to the website... or The fpunder of BePeace, is Rita Marie Johnson. Her book is being launched this weekend so watch for it on amazon. It is called Completely Connected. Wonderful.. Moving towards a world of Connection and Peaceful communication that… Continue

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Can you imagine if all of us knew how GOOD we are?

From childhood and for generations we have been told we are BAD. WE THINK we are separate from our source, from each other and from ourselves! We are sinners and need saving and so does the rest of the world.

Well... Today I am ecstatic! After years of deprograming and inner work to clear spiritual and mental abuse, I got it! I am GOOD.. You are GOOD! good.. GOOD .. GOOD. PERFECT. beautiful goodness. To the… Continue

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Doing the BePeace

Hello fellow peace makers of the world!

Our connection possibilities are just amazing. WE can unite and spread the good news and good works and good thoughts in a flash. 

I am part of the BePeace Program out of Costa Rica.  Here we teach children in the schools to do the Heart Math practice and combine it with Non Violent Communication skills so they can be more coherent in there hearts and minds.  

It is becoming popular in the U.S and has a…


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