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A message of peace on the eve of Christmas by Saeed Khan Falahi

 I call on all my fellow citizens to come together in the spirit of harmony, acceptance and respect in celebrating Christmas.  All of us should also take the opportunity to celebrate the diversity that made our country so exceptional.In India, we are blessed that different ethnicities with different languages and faiths live together as one. So it is our duty to work to make our nation a symbol of collective unity, ethnic harmony, national unity and racial tolerance.It is important for all to together preserve harmony and order among India's multiracial and multireligious society. We all should always be rational, set aside our suspicions and prejudices, and find common grounds for all to share.As a plural society, all Indians should be grateful as each community and religious celebration could be enjoyed with much merriment in a climate of peace and harmony. Regardless of our individual beliefs and ideals, it is important that we all play a part to promote inclusiveness and moderation by preserving freedom of religion and encouraging  interfaith dialogue and harmony in our nation.Our nation can only continue to develop and rise to greater heights when we don't let our differences stand in the way of mutual trust and respect.We are truly fortunate to belong to a nation that is a melting pot of cultures. Our forefathers and leaders have worked tirelessly to attain this unity, and on our part, we each need to work hard at preserving this peace and resisting extremism.  Christmas is an opportunity for all Indians to spread the meaning of togetherness, understanding and love. Merry Christmas to all of you. May peace prevail on earth!!!

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