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Now that we are only 16 days away from BlogBlast For Peace on November 4th, it is important that we stay together as a group and show up as a group. If you've ever flown a peace globe or will fly one this year, please place your presence here in the group at DoPeace. It is a place where many folks across the world come to perpetuate and put into action a call for peace in the world in practical and tangible ways. The blogging community has been speaking this mantra for four years now. It is incredible what others have done also to bring the subject front and center to the global community. Think of what all of us can do together. After all, part of the solution is having a common vision, not separate agendas or competing voices.
Let's demonstrate that by joining our voices here as well and listening to those around us in other arenas with respect and tolerance.

There are 1,100 members in the Facebook Cause and the Fan Page is picking up momentum by the day. How awesome if we could congregate here

as well. It is so much easier for me to communicate with you when we're all in the same forums and groups on the internet. Now that we've branched out into non-blogging forums and into the social networking arena, it's even more crucial that our voices stay together if at all possible - wherEVER we are.

Thanks to those who are inviting new people! You are wonderful. I am encouraged at the progress of this movement and the enthusiasm I see in the blogosphere. I am hearing thoughtful comments and inspiring discussions on the subject of peace everywhere I go.

Please consider adding your voice to this group.

Many thanks,
Mimi Lenox

BlogBlast For Peace
Mimi Lenox

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