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I am a thinker, an analyzer by nature. Or maybe its a habit. Whatever the reason, Its how I am. In fact its also what I do. I analyze for a living. I don't often get the opportunity to toot my own horn but, I'm good at it. I'm good at my job. I uncover potential problems, analyze the data, identify to root causes, and implement remediation's.


However, my biggest strength is also my biggest weakness. I have a tendency to analyze beyond the scope of the issue. Over analyze. Hell, I just plain think too much. Not just in my professional life but my personal life as well.


The truth of the matter is if my mind is not occupied, I get bored. If I get bored, I get depressed.


But, this morning, while I was enjoying my morning cup of Soy Vanilla Chai Tea Latte, this question popped into my head: 'Why am I doing this?'. Not 'Why am I doing this?', but 'Why am I doing this?'.


This obvious and pretty elementary question actually made a huge impact on me today. It is a question that I should be able to ask myself in every aspect of my life. It is a very 'grounded' question. It provides me with a way of assessing my boundaries. A way for me to stick to the issue at hand. If I ask myself 'Why am I doing this?' in relation to any task in any situation of my life, I can easier identify if I am analyzing or addressing something outside the scope of the problem or issue. I can focus on the immediate issue rather than issues that haven't even arisen yet, or may never arise. I can focus on issues within my control.


THIS IS HUGE FOR ME! For someone who often doesn't know how to 'pull back'and tends to analyze things outside of the problem area, this question will allow me a way to better focus my energy so that I can drive the results that I need in order to obtain the outcome I want more effectively and often times faster.


Thank God for 'Ah Ha!' moments like these! The littlest of things can often times create the biggest impacts...epiphany's that are life changing! -

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