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Few minutes ago I have followed an entity in and that directed me to a landing page After reading details of the event ,they are anchoring on September 18,2010, I have decided to write something about this so that I can inform everyone about this wonderful initiative.Its an ideal event for peace activists to attend who believes wars are unnecessary & want to commemorate the loss of over 4,800 U.S soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan. here I am posting the details


9/18/10 Saturday 12 noon Washington Monument

On September 18, 2010 Saturday at 12 noon we are asking for 4,800 volunteers (men, women, children) to meet at the Washington Monument on the north side for a silent, respectful march to the Vietnam memorial to
commemorate the 4,800 service men and women who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. These 4,800 soldiers are our fathers, mothers, sisters,brothers, sons, daughters, and friends who have died in the on-going wars that are bankrupting the USA.

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Please dress in a “Be All that you can be – B 4 Peace” t-shirt that can be purchased below and distributed before the march. Or if you are a veteran or active duty, feel free to wear a uniform. Proceeds to
support disabled veterans and AFSC counter recruitment.

We will talk into a single file to the Vietnam Memorial and form a circle. The names of the US soldiers, airmen and sailors who died will be read. Their names on paper will be placed in a brass bowl and burned.

The march will be videotaped and a silent and respectful march.Volunteers to assist in the set-up are also requested [email protected] or through the volunteer sign-up form created in the web.

Also you can follow in twitter in order to help them to make the initiative successful. I have also created an event in this site which is

I am attending there & hope I will find lots of people who believe in peace rather than wars in front of Washington Monument at Sept 18,2010. Lets make the initiative successful.

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