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Wonderful news here in Costa Rica at the home of BePeace. Beginning October 1st, I will be offering Intensives in the BePeace Process. Rather than me trying to explain that process, I will refer you to the website... or The fpunder of BePeace, is Rita Marie Johnson. Her book is being launched this weekend so watch for it on amazon. It is called Completely Connected. Wonderful.. Moving towards a world of Connection and Peaceful communication that connects us rather than divides us.

Back to the beginning, starting October I will be offering women, (sorry, only women at this time- because of facility arrangement) an opportunity to come and live for one to three months on our beautiful property in Santa Ana, Costa Rica and learn to listen with empathy and communicate with empathy. On this practise we learn to Connect deeply with ourselves and each other. There will be daily meditation, BePeace practise, exercise of yoga or free dance and community living.

If you or someone you know is grieving or recovering from recent trauma, I will also offer grief and trauma recovery guidance. My process is one of going deep into the pain, not escaping from it. This is why the live in, longer time frame is necessary. So there can be focused time and a safe place to FEEL.

FOR NOW, I can be contacted through this web site, and soon I will have a Linked in page as well..

All the best for full Peace in our hearts and in our world,


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