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David Trotter

Cascadia Peace Centre and Acadamie - Proposal - Search for Partners

Cascadia Peace Centre and Academie


Mission: Cascadia Peace Centre and Academie promotes peace through a library, presentations, workshops, and classes in communications (including, but not limited to, non-violent communication as per the work and teachings of Marshall Rosenberg), comparative philosophy/religion/cosmology, comparative social/political structures, metaphysics, and art.


Goals: Cascadia Peace Centre and Academie seeks to accomplish its mission by focusing on the following goals, listed in chronological order of intended completion, and intended for completion over an initial two-to-three-year period.

1) Initially and periodically place funds in an account with the umbrella 501(c)3 Charitable Partnership Fund, located in Portland, Oregon, these funds being generated from private and solicited sources.

2) Hire David Trotter as part-time COO at an initial wage of $15.00 per hour, based on living/housing wage formulas, with this wage to be converted to an annual salary of at least $36,000.00 once full-time employment and economic viability of the organization are reached.

3) Lease or purchase commercial or residential space with room for a library, meeting space, and at least one office.

4) Develop open hours.

5) Develop the library, initially in works on peacemaking, comparative philosophy/religion, and metaphysics (particularly energy work, prosperity consciousness, and manifestation of intent).

6) Hire a development specialist.

7) Establish independent 501(c)3 status under Washington State law, including initial officers and board.

8) Seek presenters for workshops.

9) Hire a teacher to work with the COO, officers, and board to develop initial course offerings, either at the secondary/post-secondary level or as a K-through sixth-grade program with plans toward expansion into a full academic offering over time.

Of course, the intended two-to-three-year period of completion for these goals will be dependent upon funding and the speedy completion of goal 6, the hiring of a development specialist, which may of necessity be moved up the list to an earlier prioritization.

Obviously, initial funding and hiring of the COO are absolutely necessary to ensure day-to-day development and operation of the project.



David W. Trotter

10823 37th Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98146

[email protected]

(206) 931-9691

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