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On May 25, Carole, Caleb and myself met with Aaron to attend the release of the 2011 Global Peace Index.

We then met with the offices of Congressmen Kucinich, Cantor, and Scott, and the offices of Senators Warner and Webb to deliver the GPI for their use.

The release lasted about 2 hours with the sponsors highlighting several points and factors of the GPI. They did an evaluation of the US with respect to Canada. If the US was as peaceful as Canada, that would result in an economic savings of $361 million. There were at least 3 ambassadors from other countries present. Afterwards they took questions from the people present.

We had the opportunity to talk to Congressman Kucinich. He had returned to his office from the Cafeteria, and found out that there was a discussion on the Floor about going to war with Libya. His eyes lit up when we said that we were volunteers for the Peace Alliance. We were to meet with his assistant, but he asked her to walk with him as he had to “Go stop a war”.

We then Met with Liz Keith in Eric Cantors office and presented the GPI and had a lengthy discussion on the Department Of Peace (DOP) and the Youth Promise Act (YPA). Liz was attentive, took notes and showed an interest in what we had to say. Liz stated that since Mr. Cantor is the Majority House Leader, he cannot give an opinion on the bills.

We met with Peter Sopko of Bobby Scott’s office stated that they would most likely officially support HR 808 in the near future. We also talked about the YPA.

We met with Auguste Humphries of Senator Warner’s office, whom has taken a personal interest in the DOP, but stated that Senator Warner was totally committed to his current projects. He has asked for additional information. He also stated that when the YPA is reintroduced, that is there were no major changes, they would support the bill again.

We met with Maribel Ramos of Senator Webb’s office. She was receptive to the area of social programs with proven records.

John, Carole & Caleb Spence

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