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Can you imagine if all of us knew how GOOD we are?

From childhood and for generations we have been told we are BAD. WE THINK we are separate from our source, from each other and from ourselves! We are sinners and need saving and so does the rest of the world.

Well... Today I am ecstatic! After years of deprograming and inner work to clear spiritual and mental abuse, I got it! I am GOOD.. You are GOOD! good.. GOOD .. GOOD. PERFECT. beautiful goodness. To the core!

Can you imagine the world peace that would happen if we all got that? Everything we said and did and thought would be for the betterment of ourselves and each other. GOODNESS.

GOODNESS comes from good seed. ROTTENNESS AND HATRED come from BAD seed.

Lets seed our minds with new reality - that we are GOOD.

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