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Developing clear perception of Peace is the key message of Peace week 2010.It is high time to perceive Peace as objective(not subjective), a science of blending of matter- SECURITY,COMFORT WITH A SENSE OF ENOUGHNESS AND HAPPINESS and antimatter-TRUTH,ORDER AND HARMONY.Peace essentially is convergence of "SCIENCE OF MATTER" WITH "SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY".My book "PEACE TIMECALENDAR" published by authorhouse,Bloomington,Indiana,USA justifies scientifically how Peace is Science and an integral component pyramid of energy ;from matter energy to Absolute energy of Consciousness.The ideas contained in the book should be widely circulated to develop appropriate perception of Peace and how to make PEACE AS AN INTEGRAL COMPONENT OF DEVELOPMENT so that sustainabele Peace prevails on earth. I hope DoPeace will promote this concept of Peace in the Peace Week 2010.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

Professor of Peace & Ekistics.

Tags: PEACE, Perceiving


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