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Lobbying for a new Stealth Bomber is counter to our nation's health

I was dismayed to discover the amount of money that is being spent to lobby Congress by the major contenders for the stealth bomber.  The initial price tag (which inevitably rises) is set at $55,000,000,000. That's fifty-five thousand Million dollars.  The lobbying dollars spent per year total over $40,000,000.

But that is not the appalling news.  It seems there are over twenty member of Congress, elected to represent the citizens of this country, who are shareholders in the major corporations vying for the right to spend those Billions.  I don't find this acceptable.  While jobs will be created in the construction of this vessel, there are hundreds of times as many jobs waiting on increased mediation of the injuries caused in our last war.  Our infrastructure, put on hold while we invaded foreign lands and toppled foreign governments, could be paid attention, and would create hundreds of times more. Congressional allocation of our nation's surplus is on the wrong track.  

We need to bring it back in line with the will of the people.

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