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National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence

I was browsing Google for news on "violence" today (something I have not done in quite some time) and came across this post from Robert Listenbee Jr., of the Defender Association of Philadphia. Mr. Listenbee writes about the ever-present issue of violence in our inner cities and the impact that violence has on children.

Rather than just being another in an endless stream of articles on how violent our society is, Mr. Listenbee offers some hope in a new program from the U.S. Attorney General - the National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence (a.k.a., "The Defending Childhood Task Force"). Fans of the NY Yankees (a.k.a., "The Best Team Money Can Buy") will be pleased to hear that Joe Torre is involved in this.


As Mr. Listenbee writes:

Not only are we highlighting the scope of the problem, more important, we are highlighting solutions. 

The DCTF sounds a lot like what the Youth PROMISE act is championing - bring together representatives from all segments of the communities that are impacted by violence and help them identify and implement solutions to their unique problems.

We need the faith community, businesses and all levels of government to be a part of the solution.

As of now, the DCTF is still just in the analysis-and-report phase of their charter. They owe the Attorney General a report by the end of 2012 with recommendations about what communities can do to address the impact of violence on children. If you're in Detroit on April 23-24, you may want to check out the hearing to see how this might play out.


Does anyone else on DoPeace know anything about this initiative?


(Note: The DOJ web site lists 58 agencies, of which "Defending Childhood" looks like it's supposed to be one. However, the site addresses seem to be a little screwed up. The Detroit hearing link works fine, but the other DCTF links are non-responsive as of this writing. I hope this is a sign of how new this program is more than an indication of the relative importance of this agency in he midst of everything else the DOJ is responsible for.)


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Comment by Lynne M. Harrington-Crick on April 22, 2012 at 4:56pm

Speaking of violence children are exposed to, I just received in my email from Natural News (Mike Adams) a special report that everyone should know about.  I copied it below so that everyone can read it.  These kinds of things need to have more than ever someone who can engage with a "NVC nonviolent compassionate communication with people in the National Security Council to find out what really is going on, what are their intentions (feelings and needs) and what they really want or desire.  It does take a person like Dr. Marshall Rosenberg who developed this method.  I first learned about it through this DOP website years ago.

I know this kind of news can sound scary but when we stop to think about we have more potential to combat things like this through peacebuilding techniques such as what Dennis Kucinich originally had in mind when he first created the bill for a DOP.  After all, there are more people in our country when united together that can easily gain more power to change our world from anything violent or anything that violates our pursuit of happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence.  We the People must get our act together and remember what powers our founding fathers gave us through the Constitution of the U.S.  If our government does not do things as we want, we can as a united people fire those "powers that be" and start a new government.  Remember we are the boss, not them.

"We interrupt our regular program of natural health news to bring you this red alert about your liberty: The Dept. of Homeland Security has just contracted to acquire 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point ammo. This ammo is illegal to use in the military because it violates the Geneva Convention. It's only use is domestic use, against the American people.

I did some research and found out that even in a full-scale war in the Middle East, the entire U.S. military only uses about 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month, and this includes all types of ammo, including rifles which actually fire more rounds than pistols.

If you do the math (see my article for details), the 450 million rounds being acquired by DHS is enough to wage a 7+ year war against America.

Here's my full analysis, including testimony from a top Major General in the U.S. military, plus the hugely important list from Naomi Wolf about the "10 steps to dictatorship" that are now unfolding in America:"


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