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This past week I witnessed two separate incidents of a mother slapping her small child.  In the first, I was standing in line at Old Navy.  Up ahead, a couple little kids were running around.  I don’t know what happened, some misbehavior I guess.  The mother chased after the little girl and scolded her with a hearty swat.  I recoiled inside.  But, outside, I just stood there with the other shoppers in line:  La la la, I see nothing.  Minding my own business, la la la.


The second occurrence happened on a city bus.  There was a woman with a baby carriage and two other little children.  The little girl, maybe 3-years-old was fussing over the baby, and the baby started to cry.  The mother immediately reached over and slapped the little girl, saying “What did you do to her!”


La la la, not my business.


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Comment by terica luxton on October 25, 2011 at 1:29pm

interesting blog ,I did a blog on child abuse a few days ago.

I added you on my Peace builder list on my Peace blog too. Terica_Blogs_for_Peace

Btw Blogblast for Peace has an event too here come join us !

Comment by Kevin Fountain on October 14, 2011 at 9:13am
Thank you my dear, you have said something that I have not yet been able to say. Please continue in this way you have a great mission that touches the hearts of many American. I was an abused child who has just recently been able to express.

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