Empowering civic activism toward a culture of peace.

On my appointment as ambassador of universal peace

On my appointment as ambassador of universal peace will continue working on the same line.

Continue to combat marginalization, poverty and hunger, for refugees, to combat racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and intolerance worldwide and from the perspective of protecting human rights, the welfare and Cumün peace on earth and against any violence in it.

Internationally, I call for recourse to dialogue to resolve differences and resolved in a spirit of conciliation, and in any case taking actions that affect the citizens, therefore all invading territories should withdraw immediately and respect the resolutions, treaties and recommendations of the United Nations (UN)

In the internal order of nations should work to run the law and justice, however imperfect it may be, instead of tightening up the laws and the penal provisions that fall into the hands of those that hinder them to law and justice.

In the domestic order, people should do who preach and leave your hypocritical rhetoric that poisons the younger generation.

In the personal, everyone should strive for the thoughts that match what he feels and what he does, and modeling a life consistent and escape the contradiction that generates violence.

We must unite all the forces of pacifism in the world to achieve world peace and dialogue to replace violence and the end of the war, the dismantling of nuclear weapons and stopping all forms of physical, economic, racial , religious, cultural, sexual and psychological.

My initiative is reaching out selflessly supportive nonprofit promoting, promoting and disseminating a number of important causes as aid to refugees, racism or the sharing of global wealth my desire is that humanity as a whole move towards peaceful coexistence in a world without war or hunger, raising awareness as Universal Peace Ambassador Circle Universal Peace Ambassadors in Geneva - Switzerland, to promote and create linkages for peace in the world.

Juan Andres Gonzalez Fernandez ® Universal Peace Ambassador.

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