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ONE PEACE Celebrates the UN Day of Peace in Michigan

The ONE PEACE Concert & ONE PEACE Event celebrating the UN Day of Peace was a joyous experience. Twelve artists shared their creativity at the concert. Dr. Sharif Abdullah was the keynote speaker at the ONE PEACE event. We all stood & read The Mender's Pledge, from his book "Creating a World That Works for All". You might want to take the pledge too. Here it is:

I believe in inclusivity. I believe that our lives are inextricably linked one to another. We cannot wage war against anyone without waging war against ourselves. Therefore, I will practice inclusivity with myself, my family, my community, the natural world, and all others. I will actively work toward the goal of an inclusive society, a world that works for all.

I know that
we are One. Therefore, I will give to you what I want for me. I know there is enough for all.

I want
everyone to win. Therefore, I will work to resolve all conflicts to every party’s satisfaction.

I want acceptance. Therefore, I will accept myself for who and what I am, I will accept you for who and what you are, and I will accept all others for who and what they are. Even if I resist your behavior, I will accept you as a Child of God, a part of the Divine.

I want no harm. Therefore, I will not harm myself or you or any others, by thought, word, or deed.

I want forgiveness. Therefore, I will forgive myself, I will forgive you, and I will forgive all others.

I want to be free. Therefore, I will not let others dominate, control, or manipulate me. And I will not dominate, control, or manipulate you or others.

I want peace. Therefore, I will be peaceful with myself, with you, and with others.

I want love. Therefore, I will love myself, I will love you, and I will love all others.

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