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Prof. Fani Bhusan Das

Peace Building is still out of mind of humans

No one perhaps is interested for Peace Building in the world.All of us are racing to acqire wealth through violent means. We have lost what empathy is. We have forgotten the SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY, a component of which is PEACE. We have forgotten the meaning of SCHOOL, which is a place of Peace, Today in school we teach everything except Peace. We donot link DEVELOPMENT WITH PEACE, as a result all kinds of Development become unsustainable and violent. We do not recognize PEACE EDUCATION as a life-saving and supporting education.These are some of the factors of evolution of the present corrupt and violent world.If we do not address to all these issues, time is not far away when the entire will become SOMALIA. I really wonder some countries are talking about sex education but not of peace Education.. This implies that human mind is evolving destructively and in a negative direction polluting the thought process.I think as an individual, I have the right to warn the world community and every member of the community to change towards building Peace Culture to save themseves and the future generations.I am also of the opinion that THe UN also is silent about this crucial aspect and Agenda 21 and MDGS will be achieved automatically. The UN must ACT immediately to introduce PEACE TIMECALENDAR(28days 13moon Peace Calendar), give a call for PEACE Education from womb to tomb and design systems to establish linkage between DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE so that Development is carried out only through Peace process.I urge upon GEC to move UN to comply the above and give a call to leaders of the world to introduce PEACE EDUCATION from play school to highest level of education.

        If these are not addressed on urgent basis,human species are going to be wiped out from this beautiful planet earth.This WARNING should be taken seriously to meet the challenges.

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