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While everyone is taking aim at Donald Trump, I think that there is actually something positive to say about his running for president.

I never actually thought that I would see the day in American politics when, in a matter of months, the true persona of the professional politician would be so artfully revealed to the public.

Without knowing it, the 'Donald' has unveiled some of the most prominent warts on the face of our electoral system. While Republican presidential candidates preached "Just say no!" to Trump tactics, they all fell trap to ordering changes to their agendas to align with the entertainer/politician/self-proclaimed rich person.

He has shown how chasing mega dollars from a few rich donors may not necessarily fool the public and exposed phonies.

Trump has teased out in this race some of the more scripted professional candidates who have hoards of handlers and so many layers of staff that they are "pol" heavy and revealed as insincere as he claims. Trumps opponents blast the government when having been some of the biggest rats in the government cheese factory.

He has caught and been a tattle tale about candidates who say one thing and do another in their cloak of secrecy. Would Jesus really accept any of these cats as Christians? The Donald isn't sure; he's just a simple church-going Presbyterian who collects bibles and claims religion is "wonderful."

And, he has shown what a money and power grab running for leader of the free world has become. While showing that others are, Trump won't be owned by anyone...hmm. "They are all losers!"

I don’t know if Donald Trump is genuine or not. He’s honest to the point of calling himself an entertainer. But my hunch is that, whether spiritual or not, he has had karma visited on a group of folks who are deserving of being forced into honesty.

For this, the 'Donald' should be thanked. Republicans and Democrats are scrambling and hurling insults. Little politicians like louisiana’s bobby jindahl are so desperate for attention that they lob bombs that don’t go off, often raising criticisms more fit for themselves. I have never much appreciated reality tv, but shaking the snakes from the grass, I must admit, leaves me with a sense of peace.

The Peace Man

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